Master Ronald Bell is a 8th Dan Black Belt with 30+ years in martial arts instruction, training and competition. His experience spans three continents and five countries. Master Bell’s instruction in the art of Tae Kwon Do began in the U.S. Army where he was trained and mentored by Grand Master Jin Sung Chung and Grand Master Man Ho Chang. For the past 20 years, Master Bell has collaborated with Grand Master Chung.

Master. Bell’s competition record includes the U.S. Armed Forces Light Heavy Weight Champion, the 193rd Infantry Champion and team member, Panama Open Karate Champion, and six time Texas State Champion.

One student has said of Master Bell, “He serves as a tremendous role model to my children. While I would love for my children to someday be able to execute martial arts techniques as well as Master Bell, I would love even more for them to develop into the kind of person that he is.”

Other black belts assist in teaching classes they attend. The DTC black belts include many state and national champions.